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Community Supported Herbal (CSH) Large Yearly Share
Size: Full Yearly Share
Price: $720.00


CSH (Community Supported

Herbal) Large Monthly Share:


Includes herbal consultation via phone or in person.


Items may include an herbal tincture, a salve, a single dried herb or a tea blend, and optional items like sunblock, elderberry syrup (both of which are seasonal) facial products, lip balms, creams, dryer balls, essential oil roll-ons, tick flick'r, bug sprays, and buckwheat bags. There will be flexibility in selections meaning you will have a choice of items to choose each month.


Shares are picked up once a month and we work around your schedule. I try to do pickups the 1st weekend of each month.


I will ship for and additional $6.50 each month.


If you need to order products that aren't apart of the CSH or if you need more of something you will receive 20% off any other purchases. (This is only for CSH members)


 You will get the opportunity to learn more about Herbal products, there benefits, and save some money at the same time! During the summer months those of you who are local will also have access to extra vegetables & herbs from the garden as they are available at no extra charge.


Those of you signing up for a 12 month share (which means you pay for the year) you will get the cheaper rate, those of you who are paying monthly will get the higher rate and your fee would be due before each share is picked up or shipped.



Contact Erin at 518-534-3003


Or info@earthlyremediesbyerin.com for more information.


If you are ready to join the CSH program just add to your cart, make your purchase and I will be following up with an email shortly thereafter. If you would like to pay via check then fill the form out here and mail it back to me.


CSH are not eligible for any promotions or coupon codes.


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Customer Comments

Miss Erin is a fantastic human being! She truly went rnabove & beyond to help me become educated about some of my health issues at hand. I truly appreciate Erin´s precious time. And look forward to continuing to using her natural high quality products. Thank you Erin.rnrnrnrn — A.Borzick

I do love your spray. My oldest has an allergy to gnats (his ears will swell up to double the size, red and itchy). With your spray, we have not had any gnat bites!! Whoo Hoo! I will be ordering more once this one runs out. Thanks again! — Lacey M

I can't say enough about the baby's butt balm. It's the only thing that works on my son's sensitive skin, and we have used it on him faithfully since he came home from the hospital. If works so quickly and smells great! I only wish it came in a larger tin! — E Eden

★★★★★ Me again! This summer has been particularly hot, which my body responds to in a less than pleasant manner. It has been the case that only one deodorant, with especially questionable ingredients, would help. I decided to give this deodorant a try and..... to my surprise, it works! — C Jankowski

I was apprehensive of any diaper cremes when we first started cloth diapering, and my daughter developed a persistent yeast rash. Every time we thought we had it under control it would come back. After using Earthly Remedies butt balm regularly we haven't seen the rash return! And I love the tube applicator... no more messy fingers. :) — rnewell

I love how the Baby butt balm is in chap stick tube, so it's easy to apply and not messy at all! I use this at daycare and it works great as a preventative ointment, my little girl no longer comes home with a pink bum. Thanks for a great product Erin! — M. Phinney

I'm so excited to use this wash solution, and not just because I love how it smells. Having a child with a rare skin condition, finding a natural product with all ingredients disclosed gives me great peace of mind. — C Jankowski

My little one isn't in diapers any more but the arnica, calendula, and all natural ingredients in this wonderful cream have cleared up her eczema! — Jeni

My husband is a technician, so his hands are always rough, chipped, cracked, sore...etc. Anything you can think of. And being a guy I can never get him to apply lotion! I gave him some healing salve from Earthly Remedies By Rein and it worked magic on his hands! It didn't burn to apply, like lotion does to sore hands. Within 3 days you could see a complete change! — TJohnson

I loooove this wash solution, I use for my face everyday morning and night before applying moisturizer, it is awesome for dry skin since it is very light and doesnt dry up your skin after every use! — I. Coyle

Another great product... this one will not wipe off between diaper changes which it what sets it apart from a lot of other diaper balms. Love it! — Bsmaz

This cream is so nice! I glides on smooth and smells lovely. It works great every time I use it. And what makes it even better, is that it is safe to use with cloth diapers! Go Erin for making an awesome product! — Bsmaz

This is the best product EVER! I have dry cracked and sore heels. I have used all kinds of other products to fix this problem, but they never worked. The salve is the only thing that has EVER worked on healing my heels. My heels look and feel great. I enjoy wearing sandals and going barefoot now. I swear by this salve! :-) — KCornick

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